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According to Law 2939/2001 'Packaging and alternative management of packages and other products- Establishment of the National Organization for Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products' determining the alternative management framework operation in Greece, all companies which import, produce and supply packaged goods to the domestic market, are bound to set up individual systems or to participate in collective systems for alternative management of these packages regarding the activity thereof.

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Packaging management refers to the production or/and the disposal of materials wherefrom packages are directly manufactured (supply of primary and secondary materials) or the import of packaging and the production and conversion of packaging, and the placement of products in packages as well as the disposal in the market (trading including imports) of packaged products, in order to be delivered to the user or the end consumer.

Therefore, all these companies contribute via the authorized Collective Systems for Alternative Management of Packaging, in order to fulfill their obligations deriving from Law 2939/2001.

In particular, both producers and packaged products importers and private label products holders are bound to pay a pecuniary contribution to authorized Collective Systems for Alternative Management of Packaging, abiding by the 'polluter pays' principle of Law 2939/2001.

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