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Οφέλη από την ανακύκλωση αλουμινίου
Οφέλη από την ανακύκλωση πλαστικού
Οφέλη από την ανακύκλωση γυαλιού
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 Legal Framework

The alternative management of packages in our country is carried out in accordance with Law 2939/2001 'Packaging and alternative management of packages and other products-Establishment of the National Organization of Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products and other provisions'. This Law harmonized the Greek legislation in line with the European Directive 94/62/EC.

Moreover, the quantitative objectives of recycling, as applying today, are fixed by the JMD 9268/469/07 harmonising the Greek legislation in line with the European Directive 2004/12/EC that modified the European Directive 94/62/ΕΚ.

The alternative management institutional framework in Greece includes:

the JMD 50910/2727/2002 (Government Gazette 1909 Β) 'Solid Waste management measures and conditions. National and regional management planning'.

the JMD 15393/2332/2002 (Government Gazette 1022 Β) 'Classification of public and private projects and activities in categories, according to article 3, L.1650/86, as substituted by article 1, L.3010/2002 etc.'.

the Law 3010/2002 'Harmonization of L.1650/1986 with Directives 97/11 and 96/61 etc. (Government Gazette 91 Α)'.

the JMD 114218/1997/1016 (Government Gazette 1909 Β) 'Solid Waste management general programs and specifications framework elaboration.

the JMD 29407/3508/2002 (Government Gazette 1909 Β) 'Measures and conditions for landfill of waste'.

the decisions 2001/182/EC and 2001/573/EC by the European Commission on 'the modification of decision 2000/523/ΕC regarding the list of waste'.



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