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REWARDING RECYCLING has been approved as an agency of a national scope for the organization, development and operation of the Collective Alternative Management and Recycling System of Packaging and Waste, based on decision no. 193471/31.12.2008 by the Environment Minister.

REWARDING RECYCLING operates pursuant to Law 2939/2001 'Packaging and alternative management of packages and other products-Establishment of the National Organization of Alternative Management of Packaging and Other Products and other provisions' and the ministerial decisions and relevant provisions for the enforcement thereof.

REWARDING RECYCLING as a national agency develops through establishment and operation of the Rewarding Recycling Centers, consisting of cutting-edge equipment for ‘Sorting at Source’ empty packages. Moreover, the Collective System implements specific actions for packaging materials recycling.

The Rewarding Recycling Centers are placed in:

Super markets
At schools, placing emphasis on environmental education
Other high consumption intensive places

REWARDING RECYCLING sets the following basic objectives:

To decisively contribute to the attainment of national quantitative packaging recycling objectives, pursuant to the national and community legislation, not achieved to date.

to change citizens’ environmental behavior, rewarding local communities for the recycling process since a reward incentive is offered for the recovered packaging.

to promote recycling both in areas presenting further margins of improvement and in areas not integrated yet in the packaging recycling planning, such as insular areas etc.

to enhance citizens’ purchasing power, offering a reward incentive for the recovered packaging, being very important during periods of financial recession.

To reduce the environmental footprint of recycling process, as –through the applied alternative management method of the Rewarding Recycling Centers- entire packages are not transported in large distances and no further processing is required at a second stage (due to the state-of-the-art equipment for packaging collection, sorting, processing and storage at only one stage, at source).

to improve recyclable materials quality (constituting a secondary raw material) since 100% pure material is produced using the technological characteristics of the Rewarding Recycling Centers cutting-edge technology equipment.

to significantly cut the cost per selected ton of packaging materials, because significant packaging quantities are collected due to citizens’ wide participation and the use of high technology equipment.

to establish transparency and reliability of packaging recycling quantitative data, as there is immediate statistical data collection and entry through the on line link with the Rewarding Recycling Centers.

to strengthen environmental and social causes by means of the automatic donation (by recyclers) of the reward incentive offered in favor of bodies implementing respective actions.



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