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 Rewarding Recycling

Rewarding Recycling great success is underpinned on the application of contemporary recycling methods resulting in citizens’ wide participation. ANTAPODOTIKI ANALYKLOSI utilizes the international experience whereby when a packaging materials system is based only on citizens’ voluntary participation in the recycling process, the attainable recycling quantitative objectives reach a certain level that cannot be exceeded no matter how much the packaging recycling system expands.

Therefore, experience worldwide has proven that the most effective way to preserve high participation levels in the recycling process is to offer incentives for the recycled packages. In this way, consumers are directly rewarded by the recycling process satisfying both their needs and their sensitivities. Through the reward incentive for the recovery of packages after use, consumers easily comprehend that empty packages are not litter but valuable materials. For this reason, citizens do not dispose of packages in the bin but promote them for recycling.

REWARDING RECYCLING underpins its alternative management method on the Rewarding Recycling Centers where high technology equipment enables automatic collection, processing and storage operations for packaging while offering consumers at the same time a reward incentive for every recovered package. This incentive can be used either for donations in cooperating stores or to be donated for the promotion of a social cause.

It should be stressed that in every Rewarding Recycling Center all the requisite collection, sorting, processing and storage operations for packaging materials are carried out automatically. Capitalizing on the technical capabilities of the equipment, the following operations are carried out automatically:

Delivery of empty packages, in a special reception funnel and with high delivery speed (up to 40 packages per minute).

Identification and separation of packages per material, where packages are identified and separated with the use of specific sensors.

Package identification, using barcode scanner.

Packaging compression or cutting, with the appropriate mechanical means, achieving up to 90% volume decrease.

Collection of recovered packages in a specially integrated closed storage area.

Storage, printing and dispatching of all statistical data and data (such as number and kind of packaging per material, amount of reward incentive offered per material, donation amount for a social cause per material, number of consumers who proceeded to recycling, number of consumers who opted for the reward incentive etc) utilizing the integrated PC, printer and modem.

Automatic printing and delivery to the recycler of the award amount receipts, utilizing the integrated PC and printer.

Automatic printing and delivery to vouchers’ recycler with various offers, such as competitions vouchers, promotions vouchers, free products vouchers etc, utilizing the integrated PC and printer.

Automatic donation of the value of the corresponding pecuniary amount for a certain social cause, through the application of the Social Capital Concentration System (based on specific software and accessories placed on the equipment).

Consumer guidance and information on the equipment operation procedure for packages recovery, with the help of interactive messages appearing on every machine's special screen.

On line interconnection of automatic machinery for packages rewarding recycling with a central server using wireless communications network.

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