2nd Recycling & Environmental Education Park Lagadas

2nd Recycling & Environmental Education Park Lagadas

The Park is the ideal destination for young people, students and their families, a Recycling Multi-site, which includes:

- Automatic REWARDING RECYCLING machines, for the recycling of metal, plastic or glass items of packaging with a substantial incentive, as well as prizes for recyclers.

- The Environmental Education Center, where primary and secondary school students and young people receive Environmental Education courses and gain environmental awareness, while understanding the important benefits offered by the recycling process.

-The Workshop of Creative Environmental Education, where products and works of art are created using recyclable materials.

- The Environmental Games Area where kids learn how to recycle packaging and the benefits of environmental protection by playing.

- Ecological vegetable gardens, where students cultivate plants of Greek nature, under the guidance of the Agricultural University of Athens

- A food processing lab so students and young people experience the experience of producing seed oil or producing wheat and corn flour in an educational program developed by the Agricultural University of Athens

- A fountain that plays music so that students and their escorts can enjoy their entire stay in the Park

Useful information

Address: Municipality of Lagadas,(former Baretti Military Camp)

Telephone: +30 23940 26370, +30 23940 20890

Email: recycling-park-lag@antapodotiki.gr

Working Days & Hours: Monday – Sunday: 09.00 – 17.00

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