Recycling & Environmental Education Parks

Recycling Parks

“Recycling and Environmental Education Parks” were created by the National Collective System REWARDING RECYCLING in cooperation with the Municipalities of Agioi Anargyroi - Kamatero, Lagkada and Ioannina and constitute a novel idea, as they are the first Recycling Parks in Europe.

Their aim is to further environmental education and awareness in young people, as well as to increase citizens' participation in the recycling process.

With state-of-the-art packaging recycling equipment that the Parks are equipped with, recycling develops further and Greek citizens can recycle in an easy and fast way.

Activities in Recycling Parks

“Recycling and Environmental Education Parks” are the ideal destination for young people, students and their families, a Recycling Multi-site, which includes:

- Automatic rewarding recycling machines, for the recycling of metal, plastic or glass items of packaging with a substantial incentive, as well as prizes for recyclers.

It is noted that the Parks operate a high-tech Rewarding Recycling Multicenter, in which consumers return recycled packaging material in bulk, making Greece the second country worldwide to operate such a center, after Sweden.

- The Environmental Education Center, where primary and secondary school students and young people receive Environmental Education courses and gain environmental awareness, while understanding the important benefits offered by the recycling process.

- The Workshop of Creative Environmental Education, where products and works of art are created using recyclable materials.

- The Environmental Games Area where kids learn how to recycle packaging and the benefits of environmental protection by playing.

- The Amphitheater, a multipurpose hall for musical and theatrical events centered around recycling and the environment.

- The Botanical Garden, with more than 100 different species of Greek plants, as well as an eco lake.

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