Local Authorities

Cooperation with Local Government Organizations

In accordance with Law 2939/2001, REWARDING RECYCLING concludes cooperation agreements with Local Government Organizations for alternative management programs implementation.

The landmarks determining the cooperation framework of the Collective System of Rewarding Alternative Packaging Management REWARDING RECYCLING with Local Government Organizations are the following:

- Recovered packages COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT FREE OF CHARGE for the Municipality, since ALL operations are carried out by REWARDING RECYCLING.

- NON ENGAGEMENT OF the Municipality's HUMAN RESOURCES since ALL operations are carried out by REWARDING RECYCLING.

- Reduction of the traffic load and of exhaust gases from recycling as fewer itineraries are required for the transport of the recovered quantities due to their volume decrease by up to 90% at source utilizing the Rewarding Recycling Centers state-of-the-art equipment.

- Enhancement of municipality inhabitants’ purchasing power through the reward incentive for returned packages.

- Reinforcement of Social Causes by donating this reward incentive for social causes.

- REDUCTION OF WASTE IN THE CITY, as less quantities end up as litter by means of the high quantities being recycled.

Environmental Education capitalizing on Programs targeting specific social groups, such as Recycling Competitions for students or inhabitants of a Municipal Department etc.

- Non occupying parking spaces in the city streets where there is already a lack of space in order to place the necessary waste bins.

Municipalities must also put in place other Alternative Management Systems for Packaging.

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