4-day Trip to Rovaniemi, Finland | 2017

4-day Trip to Rovaniemi, Finland | 2017

Students from all over Greece participated in the Panhellenic Educational Recycling Competition and recycled more than 2.000.000 items of packaging!

Once again, students from schools throughout the country responded to the call of the National Collective System of REWARDING RECYCLING and recycled plastic, metal and glass packaging to the Rewarding Recycling Centers from 1/10/2017 to 20/12/2017.

The three classes, who managed to recycle the most packaging, were rewarded with the most exciting gifts!

1st prize-prize, a 4-day trip to Rovaniemi and a Tablet were won by students of class Α3 of 10th Gymnasium of Ioannina, who recycled 487.181 items of packaging.

2nd Prize-prize, a 4-day trip to Rhodes and a Smartwatch were won by students of class A3 of Maroullio General High School in Katsika, who recycled 184.111 items of packaging.

3rd prize-prize, a Bicycle and an Action Camera were won by students of class F2 of 13th Primary School of Rhodes, who recycled 151.537 items of packaging.

Please note that all prizes are for all students of the winning schools.

The active participation of young people in the competition is the most optimistic message for environmental education of the new generation.

 ... because children and the environment are the future of the world!

I protect the environment! I recycle!

See here for the table listing the first 20 classes that recycled the most packaging during the competition.

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