The Train of Rewarding Recycling

The Train of Rewarding Recycling

9 July 2018

An “Integrated Rewarding Recycling Program” inaugurated in Urban Rail Transport, offering free personalized monthly cards, as well as single tickets.

The National Non-Profit Agency REWARDING RECYCLING, in cooperation with Urban Rail Transport launched an “Integrated Rewarding Recycling Program”, whose purpose is to inform and raise awareness of the benefits of recycling among millions of citizens who use the more ecological means of transportation (METRO, ELECTRIC RAILWAY, TRAMS). It also offers the option of recycling packaging to passengers, in "Rewarding Recycling Centers".:

Within the framework of the Recycling Program a special train will be introduced to the Urban Rail Transport network for a two-year period. This will circulate the message for people to recycle and to protect the environment.

Urban public transport passengers will be able to earn a monthly sum by recycling in "Rewarding Recycling Kiosks" operating at Urban Rail Transport stations:

10 free personalized ATH.ENA monthly cards

100 free single tickets (valid for 90 minutes)

Urban Rail Transport will be our country's 1st public utility and the 2nd Institution after the Hellenic Police, which will fulfill the legal obligation to recycle packaging as per Law 4496/2017 for "Sorting at the Source", in collaboration with the National Non-Profit Agency "REWARDING RECYCLING".


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