The Benefits of Recycling

The Benefits of Recycling

By participating in the recycling process, you also contribute to the protection of the environment from pollution, saving energy and raw material. Recycling is the rescue of a material that, while it has been used and looks useless, has not lost its value and can be used for much more. So instead of rejecting it in the environment, we return it to the economic cycle, achieving environmental protection, saving raw materials and energy.

The Benefits of Recycling Aluminium

Recycling 1.000 kilos of aluminium

- 4,57 tons of Bauxite are not extracted

- are saved 700 kilos of oil that would be used to generate energy required for aluminum production

With the electricity required to make 1 box  of aluminum you could:

- listen to the radio for 4 hours

- watch television for 3 hours

- light a 60-Watt lamp for 5 hours

- operate a refrigerator for 4 hours

The Benefits of Recycling Plastic

Recycling 1.000 kilos of plastic

- It will not take 500 years for these quantities to be decomposed by the environment

- 732 kilos of gases generated by plastic production and contributing to the greenhouse effect will not be released in the atmosphere

The Benefits of Recycling Glass

Recycling 1.000 kilos of glass

- Wetlands sand will not be wasted

- 12 kilos of oil are saved that would be used for the generation of energy required to create glass

The Benefits of Recycling Paper

Recycling 1.000 kilos of paper

- 17 trees are saved from cutting down

- 130 kilos of oil are saved that would be used for the generation of energy required for paper production

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